Different Types of Safety Jackets and Their Features

There are several different safety jacket prices in Dubai, and it is essential to know which one is right for you. There are three main types: Class 1 and Class 2. Performance Class 1 safety jackets are ideal for less-risky environments and lightweight reflective materials. Performance Class 2 safety garments are built with high visibility materials and are ideal for high-speed work environments. Law enforcement and emergency services often wear these types of jackets.

Hi Vis safety jackets:

Hi Vis safety jackets are an excellent choice for workers in hazardous situations. They provide extra visibility when worn near moving equipment or vehicles. These jackets are also designed to be layered for optimal comfort. They can with temperature changes nature and will keep workers warm and dry. They also meet visibility requirements. These high-visibility jackets are beneficial in cold weather and are perfect for workers in hazardous locations.

Type II safety jackets:

Type II safety jackets are made face-up, and the unconscious person faces up in the water. They are typically worn by construction workers and offer a minimum of 15.5 pounds of buoyancy. These safety vests are inexpensive and not very stylish. They’re made of simple material and are often worn over a fire jacket. They are very popular with boaters. The materials used for these jackets are very different from those used by police.

Break-away safety vests:

Break-away safety vests are very flexible. They can break free from your body in an emergency. These safety jackets are usually made of black or navy material. These vests have a cutout in the hip for accessing your weapon. They are also available in other styles. For example, a police officer’s jacket has a cutout for their pistol. And a firefighter’s safety vest is designed to be worn over a fire safety jacket. These jackets have a red material on the upper chest and back areas.

High visibility jackets:

High visibility jackets provide the highest level of protection against the elements. Traffic and highway construction crews can wear these types of jackets. These safety jackets also include insulated weatherproof features that make them versatile. Hence, they are not only comfortable, but they also offer the highest level of visibility. The high visibility style of a traffic jacket is essential for wintertime conditions. It provides the necessary heat and protection from cold and rain.