How to Market My Car Workshop

Without marketing, the world or even the people around you will never know that you have opened a kind of business. There are some businesses which only apply the marketing scheme which is called the word of mouth. Meaning to say that they just spread the news once and clients start contacting them. but if you own a car workshop or a specific brand car workshop like BMW service center in Al Quoz then you will need more than just word of mouth.

Since you have a specific brand service center, then you will have to market about each and every service like, you have to advertise for oil change in Abu Dhabi, car painting in Ajman, wheel alignment in Dubai etc. so, you will be spending a lot of money on the advertising. But once you start getting customers, they will be visiting only your workshop even if they change a whole emirate. If you want your car workshop to become popular then follow the following marketing and advertising strategies.

  1. Sponsor: even though it will cost you some money but it is a great idea for small and large business to advertise without hiring any marketing agency. You can start by participating in local and public events and you can sponsor LED lights on stalls or on the stage. Participate in public charity and even if you have to give away a small amount. You can also partner with local businesses as well.
  2. Giveaways: if a car drives into your workshop, for them to remember your workshop, you can give them a box of tissues with your workshop name on it, car fragrances, pens, t-shirts and much more.
  3. Post Before and After Results: if someone brings in a very dirty or a very damaged car, then what you can do is take some photos of the car before you washed and repaired it and then after you are done, take some more photos. Hide the number plate of the car and post them on social media and ask your customers to give a review on your site or on social media.
  4. Reward Customers with Check-ins and Mentions: you can give the car a nice polish or a complimentary car wash if you ask your clients to check-in the location on social media.