5 Reasons Why Polycom Video Conferencing is Popular

5 Reasons Why Polycom Video Conferencing is Popular

The latest video conferencing announcement from Polycom is the Real PresenceCloud AXIS Suite, which aims to capitalize on the mobile trend in enterprise video conferencing. This product is more expensive than the competition, but it delivers superior quality and ease of use for businesses. Here are five reasons you should choose Polycom video conferencing over its competitors. This product has been rated “Best Value” by PCMag.

Support for industry standards and protocols:

Another reason to choose Polycom is its support for industry standards and protocols. It supports H.264 High Profile, SIP, RTV, TIP, and SVC. It also provides native integration with popular UC platforms. Whether you’re using Polycom video conferencing or other options, you’ll be able to find a solution that works well for your business.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac:

The best Polycom video conferencing system is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux. The company has made video conferencing systems for more than 15 years and has acquired several video vendors to expand its reach. The company sells its products globally to enterprise customers. Their target market is corporate customers with high-capacity Capex budgets and IT staff. The company also has tight integration with Microsoft.


One of the most compelling reasons to buy a Polycom video conferencing system is the quality. Many early collaboration technologies had poor audio and visual quality. Today, Polycom video conferencing technology has delivered 1080p60 resolution and a stable connection. Further, it supports many users simultaneously. This is important for enterprises as it makes sharing and managing content between different locations easier.

Cost effective:

Despite its high price, Polycom video conferencing systems are cost-effective. Users can use unlimited HD video conferencing. They are easy to set up and operate and can be installed on any desktop, laptop, or server. The system also supports various languages and is compatible with Microsoft’s Office 365. Moreover, it is very user-friendly and compatible with a variety of hardware.

Easy to use:

A Polycom video conferencing system can be easy to use. Its speakers can pick up voices to six meters away. Its sound is better than Skype, but Skype has an advantage over its competitors. Its audio quality is unquestionably superior, and you’ll never have to compromise on the quality of your meeting to make it work. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of a video conference system before deciding.